Aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about work is the environment.

4 Easy Tips to help you Choose the Best Property!

Due to recent bloom in the commerce and trade, the amount of Investments are also rising with time. Prospective buyers of residential properties always look for futuristic growth and profits before making an investment. However, investing in business plots and properties can be comparatively beneficial, as one need not have the pressure of maintaining the place. These kinds of properties offer more returns as they can be rented or given on lease. Every year, the lease is renewed and so is the rent. This ensures the owner a regular flow of income...

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Checklist to follow before you move in!

The humans of today’s era are modern nomads. They move from one place to another because of better jobs, lifestyle or for their children’s’ education. Rented flats are readily available these days and come with furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished options. Whatever might be the reason, ensure you follow the below mentioned checklist before moving to a rented flat:...

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Why pay attention to Jaipur Development Authority's (JDA) By-laws?

The recent news that was revolving around the new JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) laws was capable enough to give people goose bumps. Following a judgment of Rajasthan High Court, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation recently came out with a mission that is focused towards eradicating all the illegal possessions and structures in the Pink City. The Court Rule directed the JMC to demolish any such project or building immediately. For futuristic projects...

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The Oasis: Fulfilling your Dream of a Luxury Life!

From examination of the mood of the real estate market of Jaipur, it is loud and clear that the real estate market in India is booming. Investments are being done in residential, industrial and commercial projects because of the upswings that are happening in the market. This is not only giving a new and fresh face to the economy of the Pink City but is also elevating the living...

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Why SIP is the ideal location for setting up an industry!

As Lord Krishna says in Bhagwad Gita, the body is perishable while the soul is indestructible and eternal. It neither takes birth nor dies, only the mortal body perishes. It is believed that performing shradh, pinda daan and tarpan of the deceased frees the departed soul from the vicious life cycle of birth and death and helps attain salvation. With the pious offerings and...

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